NEW! Montrice Services!

I’m really getting excited to take a giant leap forward in my education! In September, I’ll be attending a Birth retreat where I’ll finalize what I need to be a Midwife Assistant!

I’m working hard to learn what I can about the topics to be presented so I can soak it all in. Most of it I have already read before, but a refresher and an official training will be so amazing! There’s something to be said about self teaching but there’s so much more to be said about hands on learning that you just can’t duplicate on your own, no matter how amazing your text books are! And to be able to sit with women who have been serving women for years, will be such a privilege!

As you all know, the choices for midwives in our area are scarce! So why would a Midwife Assistant training help me at all? First of all, it will help me to learn and that’s always good. It will also help me find a midwife teacher (preceptor) who will work with me and take me to births with her to learn in the most ancient way possible, learn by doing. So many preceptors won’t take on a student who doesn’t already have a skill set. Add to this, that I’ll need to travel for clinical training, because of lack of midwives in our area, and this path will take quite awhile, as I slowly move forward. Secondly, it will allow me to offer further services to my clients, I’ll talk about this more below!


Why are multiple birth options a must?


Because we all need choices. Choosing someone because they’re the only one in your area is NOT a choice. With my 4th baby, I wanted a homebirth, but my husband wanted nothing to do with a homebirth. So I gave in to what he wanted and went to the hospital with a CNM (Certified nurse midwife, and in Nebraska, they’re forbidden by law from attending a homebirth!). But with my 5th baby, that CNM was no longer working in the area and I my choice was go back to a doctor, or stay home. I did interview 1 doctor. And half way through the appointment I knew that was NOT a choice. I had NO options.


How is choosing a doctor you don’t like OR birthing alone an ‘OPTION’?!?

It’s NOT.

Sometimes, whichever you choose is a default, if what you want isn’t available to you.

Default is not a CHOICE. That’s NOT what it means to have options!


In other areas of our country, women have REAL options. They can find hospital, birth center, and homebirth care providers to attend them in what setting they feel is best for them. Unassisted Birth is always an option, in general, but that doesn’t mean it’s an option for every woman. It means you trust your body, the process, and your own education level above all outside assistance. I’ve done that. Twice.

The first time, I felt forced into it, due to lack of options. It was my default. I refused to go back to being told how to birth.

The second time, it wouldn’t have mattered if I had had choices, as I’d fallen in love with birthing alone, on my terms, in my home. The only way I’ll ever again go to a hospital for myself (but we’re done having babies), was if I were unconscious and needed to be cut open. It’s just not even on the table for me anymore.

Most women don’t want that. Most women don’t want to birth completely alone. My choices are often seen as extreme and radical. So many times, when I ask “have you ever thought of a homebirth?” the response I get is something like “yes, but I want a midwife ‘just in case’”.

I get it!

That’s why I had my 4th in the hospital. … kind of. My husband wanted the just in case. If you haven’t read my birth stories, go do that. I was almost certain, but wavering about my own inner strength I gave in easily to his fears. Then after that good hospital birth, with my 4th, I KNEW I could birth my next baby alone at home with no problems. I just knew. And I no longer gave my husband an option. He doesn’t own a uterus.


What about those women who want to stay home, but want the hospital “just in case”?

Many times, they won’t get that amazing hospital birth without a lot of advocacy. When I am at someone’s birth as a doula, I often have to advocate for them in some way. I try to keep it low key, and talk to the parents, as a doula has no legal standing in the birth room. I can say “do you want to wait to cut that cord until it’s done pulsating?” And they can say “YES! I want to wait”.

Sometimes, its next to impossible to get the birth you want in a hospital. It’s a roll of the dice with what nurse you’ll get, and even more so if your carefully chosen care provider is out of town that day! The best way to have an amazing hospital birth, in some cases, is to walk in the door already pushing. The thought of that scares some women, and that’s ok! It’s where you are. Don’t apologize for where you are! I can help you with this too!

Do you have the assumption that baby needs monitored throuhout labor to have a safe birth? If you’re not in tune with your body and your baby, this may be true. It may not be needed for a safe birth, but it may be needed for you to FEEL safe. 

And now to finally get to what I’m so excited about!!!!!!

Drum roll please! 

As a Midwife Assistant, I will now be offering Montrice services!!!

Yeah yea. I know. Now you’re reading this saying “uh… what’s THAT MEAN?!?” And how do you say that word? (Mon-Treec)

I’m so glad you’ve asked! Allow me to explain.

In a homebirth setting, with a trained midwife by your side, she’ll be monitoring mom, caring for mom, listening to baby, maybe occasionally doing some doula like support, but that’s not her main focus. Once you get to the part of labor where the midwife needs to focus completely on mom and the imminent birth, the assistant’s training is a must. The assistant should be trained in how to monitor mom’s vitals and fetal heart tones, and how baby is handling contractions. Similar to what being hooked up to the machines in the hospital does. Except you’re not tied to anything. And  when you’re in your own home the monitoring is minimal, non invasive, you may not even notice it’s happening! AND if you want no monitoring, but want someone there who CAN, that’s an option too!

A montrice is a cross between a doula and a midwife. Many times, a montrice is a midwife assistant or student midwife, but not always.

I will work with you prenatally, as with my doula clients, with education, support, and getting to know you and your birth desires. During labor, I can then come to your home and monitor you and your baby (as much or as little as you want) and help you know when it’s time to go to the hospital.

This monitoring may (or may not) include fetal heart tones, mom’s vitals, and cervical exams as you feel the need. Although in general, I’m not a fan of doing any of those routinely, in a really long labor, or for a mom who’s worried, knowing that your cervix is dilating and effacing, or knowing that baby’s heart tones are looking good, can help give you the strength you need to carry on.

I’ve witnessed this in hospital births. When a mom who, prenatally, told me to talk her out of an epidural, even if she begged. She got to the point where she was exhausted and defeated. She asked for an epidural. As we talked, she agreed that if she’s made progress on her own, she’ll continue without the epidural. She went on to have the med free birth she wanted! In this case, she’d have done so much better staying home for another 24 hours!!

Dad had wanted the monitoring, to feel safe. This is something I’ll be offering starting this fall!

You really can have that ‘safety feeling’ brought in to your home! If there’s any major problem, we then transport to hospital right away. A trained eye will know when you need to rest and eat, or when you need to get some medical assistance.


I’m so excited to be taking this step forward to be able to bring more tools to help birthing women in central Nebraska and Northern Kansas!


All of this being said, I’ve started a GoFundMe account to help me pay for this training trip! If you’re able, please contribute!
Even $5 will help! If I could get 75 people to spare just $20 I’ll be set!

My thank you gift to you!

When you contribute, I’ll email you a coupon code to download a free copy of my PDF of How to write your Natural Hospital Birth Plan! As my thank you gift to you!

Invest in your birth!

If you contribute, and want to hire me for your birth, I’ll take your contribution amount out of my fees for you! So consider it a pre-payment for your birth! Invest in your birth!


You CAN have an Extraordinary Birth out here, in the middle of nowhere!

Let me help you!