How To Have An Epidural Free Birth! Using Movement & Rebozo For Birth!

How To Have An Epidural Free Birth! Using Movement & Rebozo For Birth!

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Register NOW to learn AMAZING tips and tricks for having a Epidural Free Birth! You will go home with tools and techniques to use at home and in the hospital to help you be comfortable and focused during labor! You will learn how to talk to hospital staff in a respectful way, while still declining what you have every right to decline! You will learn how to ask questions to get more information so that you can make an INFORMED choice!

Invest in your Birth, Because how you FEEL about your birth experience DOES MATTER! You should be respected! You should know your rights and how to make that happen!

Class is 1 1/2 hours with a Q&A at the end!

Current class option will be held:

Saturday, August 25th, 2018
Dapper Diaper Services in Kearney, Ne!
Address is 2424 W 24th Suite 1 - It’s across from the Buckle Warehouse, on Hwy 30, in the building where the Kirby vacuum store used to be.

Pre-Registration Cost is $20, until 1 week before, then $30, walk-ins welcome!

Pre-register with a Friend to get $5 off for each of you, must choose friend option for $30 until 1 week before, then $50. Pre-register only for this discount!

Invest In Your Birth!:

How to have an Epidural Free Birth!

Using Movement & Rebozo for birth! 

Moving, and remaining upright during labor and birth can make the whole difference in your comfort and pain levels, speed and ease of birth, and speed and ease of postpartum recovery!

Come learn some tricks, tips and tools to use at home and in the hospital to help you attain the Extraordinary Birth you’ve been dreaming of! Learn some basic birth anatomy, how interventions effect your birth, best ways to get the birth you want, how to have an epidural free birth, and how to be more comfortable during your third trimester of pregnancy! Feel free to take notes and pictures! You'll also have handouts to take home to help you remember! 

This is a hands-on, interactive class, so wear comfortable clothes. Bring a rebozo or other baby wearing item you may have, and a yoga mat. (I will have a few available!)

Birth Partners! - Join your partner at no extra charge! Gain some insight on how to help during labor and birth! A supportive partner goes a long way when trying to acheive an epidural free birth! A second support person can join for an extra $5! 

I teach this class approximately monthly, please message me if you can't find a date that will work for you! I also offer this class via video chat and as a one on one in your home, or with a friend! (Fees may vary, mileage may apply) Contact me for more details! 

**This class is good for those who can’t afford a doula or those have no desire to have a doula, as well as those who already have one, or are still looking for one!