Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula

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In home, postpartum support. Customized to your needs.

A postpartum doula comes to do whatever you need. I’ll do your dishes, laundry, clean your house, prepare your food, run errands. I’ll make sure you’ve showered and eaten, go over your birth and how you feel about it, help with infant care if needed, assist with breast of bottle feeding, newborn care including bathing and dressing if needed.

Purchased hours can be all at once, or spread to different days (mileage will apply, billed seperately)

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During pregnancy you need pampered and cared for as your body adjusts and accommodates to the human growing inside of you. Too many times, once the birth is over, people forget about mom. Visitors want to hold the baby, and they tend to forget that mom is still going through some hard times. Her body just birthed a human. She needs help and time to adjust. It took her body 9 months to grow this baby, we need to give her 9 weeks to even 9 months to become accustomed to a new normal. In our culture, most women are lucky to get 9 days! This is NOT acceptable! We, as a culture, NEED to help new moms! 

A Postpartum doula is here to fill this gap! Historically, the women would gather around the woman and not only do all of her work, but also pamper her, as she allowed her body to heal, got to know her new tiny human, and adjusted to her new postpartum, milk dripping body. In the time we live in, we are both more connected than ever and at the same time further apart than ever before. We have lost our tribe of women! Asking for help isn't something we're used to doing. We're usually the ones to do the helping. But when you've just birthed a baby, you NEED to rest. You need to learn to ask for help! 

A Postpartum doula has so many different roles. From assisting mom if she needs help to stand in the shower, to caring for her newborn so she can shower. Doing housework, helping her run errands, everything mom would normally do, the postpartum doula steps in to do this for you. I always recommend you find as much help as possible from friends, family, church or community members, etc. But at some point, mom will likely still need help. It's easier to ask for help in the first week, sometimes the second week, but after that, most people just get back to their life and you realize you still need help! This is where a postpartum doula comes in. When no one else is around to help, hire a postpartum doula!