Birth Doula

My job, as your doula is to walk with you through the prenatal, labor, and birth process. As we meet prenatally I help you form your birth plans, I get to know YOUR choices. The topic of discussion is custom fit to your needs. This may include childbirth education, comfort measures, birth planning, easing fears/concerns, helping your birth partner to know how to help you, planning for postpartum, and much more! Whoever your birth partner is, s/he may not know how to help, and I can guide them. We go over everything prenatally, but s/he doesn’t need to remember, as I’ll be there to guide him/her during labor too! During labor, I help you understand what's going on, suggest positions to try, based on what we talked about prenatally, coaching you through the process, through the hard times as well as the smooth ones.

During labor I meet you whenever and wherever you're ready for me, home or hospital Pregnant woman is always in charge of everything!

During labor I provide the following and so much more!

  • counter pressure, position changes, rebozo techniques (Gena Kirby method), affirmations, and more to help with pain and comfort!

  • emotional support to help you work through any fear, concerns, anxiety, confusion, holding space through unexpected events, etc.

  • support/guidance for dad/birth partner. Some dads want to sit in the corner. While others want to help but don't know how; I can help him to know how to help you. A doula is for dad too!

  • informational support - reminding you to ask for more information when none has been offered

  • reminders of your birth plan

  • encouragement

  • acupressure and massage

  • use of my birth ball &/or CUB support birth stool

  • anything you may need, that you don't know that you need


Fees range from $595-895
Mileage added
Montrice and postpartum services can be added

Postpartum Doula

The postpartum time is sacred and women need this time to bond with their new baby, relax, rest and recover. Even when your birth was easy, you need time! I provide aide and support in your home after the birth of your baby. I recommend having someone come daily to every other day for the first 4-6 weeks, a family, friends and neighbors can be very helpful but usually drop off after a few days. A postpartum doula is here to fill the gaps in mom-care!

I love to see when a loving family member can be in the home with you, on a daily basis, for at least 6 weeks! Many women in our society don't have that, and you need help!

During a postpartum visit I provide:

  • basic housekeeping, running errands, food preparation

  • teaching newborn care: bathing, diapering, clothing, feeding, sleeping, baby wearing, shopping with new baby, sibling acceptance, use of baby gear, etc.

  • newborn care while mom cares for herself (sleep, shower, eat, etc.)

  • encouragement and support as you learn how to be a mom

  • tips for keeping older kids involved or busy, as needed

  • breastfeeding assistance, or correct bottle feeding (did you know you need to add boiling water to formula to kill bacteria in the powder?! then add cool water for temp)

  • assist with baby wearing/different carriers

  • assist with proper carseat usage/installation

 Fees starting at $29 per hour
Mileage added


Breastfeeding is learned by seeing and doing. This is an area where our culture fails us. Many women want to breastfeed but they don't reach their goals, due to outdated, incorrect, or lack of information. In person help is so important!

If you choose to breastfeed, it's more likely than not that at some point you'll have questions. If you birth in a hospital many times you'll receive false information or no help at all. Please reach out for help before giving up! A lactation counselor or consultant (yes, there’s a difference!) will NOT let you starve your baby. If you need to supplement I can help you work on breastfeeding WHILE filling your baby's belly. I may recommend using a supplemental nursing system, or give tips for how to fix an incorrect latch. MOST breastfeeding problems can be solved with knowledgeable help, time and patience. Sometimes you have to be very stubborn and have a large support system to help you reach your breastfeeding goals. I can be there for you!

During a lactation support visit I provide:

  • help with baby's latch - this is the first step and in many cases is where the problem lies

  • help you be comfortable while breastfeeding

  • assess milk transfer (how much milk baby is getting while at the breast)

  • addressing questions and concerns you have about: nipple shields, supplementing, returning to work, using a pump, storing milk and feeding via bottle, weaning, solids, nipple or breast pain, etc.

  • pass on the name of more experienced lactation help if there's a problem that's beyond my expertise

  • assist with breastfeeding while babywearing

$29 per consult
Mileage added

Childbirth Education

The best way to have an Extraordinary Birth is to educate yourself. There's few out of hospital birth classes in Central Nebraska. Taking a class that's offered through your local hospital is hit & miss. Sometimes you get a good one, more often you get a class about "how to be a good patient and do everything we say".

What to look for in an education class: Unbiased info. One that teaches what true informed consent means (patient maintains the right to say yes or no to ANYTHING, and should be respected doing so; care providers should explain pros and cons of saying yes, and pros and cons of saying no - to every intervention and procedure, then leave space for the birthing woman and her family (if she choose to include them) a moment alone to choose.

This personal class is customized to your specific needs and desires, topics may include:

  • Your questions and concerns regarding pregnancy, birth, postpartum, baby, toddler

  • Options for birth - for care providers, birth locations

  • How birth works - how the uterus, cervix, vagina, hormones and baby all work together for birth

  • Common hospital interventions and why they may or may not fit you, how to talk to your care provider about these options - this gives you a guide for how to talk to your care provider and find the one that's right for you

  • Why a doula is always a good idea

  • How your partner can help you in labor, should you choose to not hire a doula - including hands on practice

  • Common newborn procedures and why they may or may not fit you, how to talk to your care provider about these options - this gives you a guide for how to talk to your care provider and find the one that's right for you

  • Preparing for baby, including, but not limited to: diapering, feeding, carseats, what to have ready, newborn care, older sibling readiness, postpartum planning, meal planning for postpartum, etc.

Fees starting at $29 per hour
Mileage added


My job, as your Montrice, is to monitor and assess how you and baby are doing through early labor. A montrice is someone who is often a midwife assistant or student midwife, as I am. I will do what the nurse would do for you during labor. I can take your vital signs, listen for baby’s heart tones, check cervical changes. Mom is always in charge of what is done when, or not done, as you desire. Sometimes, simply having this as an option can help you feel at ease to labor at home longer, before heading to the hospital. Or we can stay at home to birth, as you desire.

*******Please note, I am not a midwife, and the birth would be an unassisted birth,
with mom and dad having an emergency plan in place, should the need arise.
******I do not carry emergency equipment, nor am I trained to assist in an emergency situation.

This is an add on package, available to any doula package! It’s the “Doula-Plus” option.
***A doula or montrice is not a medical care provider. I’m there to offer information only. Parents make all the choices.

Fee is $295, added to any birth doula package
Mileage added