Birth Doula

I know birth. Your birth partner (dad, grandma, sister, friend, etc.) knows you, the birthing woman. Your Primary Care Provider knows different stuff that doesn't fit into what a doula does. But that's why you need a doula! Your care provider has a different job. My job, as your doula is to help you understand what's going on. I do this by meeting with you prenatally, sharing books and online resources (some of which I've have saved for years, and share frequently).

I then join you during labor whenever you're ready for me. Oftentimes that's in your home, before heading to birth location. Once at the hospital I follow your lead. 

During labor I provide the following and so much more!

  • counter pressure, position changes, rebozo techniques (Gena Kirby method) to help with pain and comfort
  • emotional support to help you work through any fear, concerns, anxiety, confusion, etc.
  • support for dad. Some dads want to sit in the corner. While others want to help but don't know how; I can help him to know how to help you. A doula is for dad too!
  • informational support - reminding you to ask for more information when none has been offered
  • reminders of your birth plan
  • encouragement
  • acupressure and massage (I love giving massages, but I'm not a professional in that area)
  • use of my birth ball &/or CUB support birth stool
  • anything you may need, that you don't know that you need


Fees range from $600-1200
Mileage billed separately

Postpartum Doula

After baby is born, our culture leaves women alone. This should not happen! The postpartum time is sacred and women need this time to bond with their new baby. I provide aide and support in your home after the birth of your baby. If you can't afford a doula for birth & postpartum support, always choose postpartum!!

I love to see when a loving family member can be in the home with you, on a daily basis, for at least 6 weeks! Many women in our society don't have that, and you need help! I am here to fill the gaps in that care.

During a postpartum visit I provide:

  • basic housekeeping, running errands, food preparation
  • teaching newborn care: bathing, diapering, clothing, feeding, sleeping, baby wearing, shopping with new baby, sibling acceptance, use of baby gear, etc.
  • newborn care while mom cares for herself (sleep, shower, eat, etc.)
  • encouragement and support as you learn how to be a mom

 Fees starting at $20 per hour
Mileage billed separately


Breastfeeding is learned by seeing and doing. This is an area where our culture fails us. Many women want to breastfeed but they don't reach their goals; there's various reasons for that.

If you choose to breastfeed, it's more likely than not that at some point you'll have questions. If you birth on a day where the lactation person isn't available to help, many times you'll receive false information, or no help at all. Please considering reaching out for help, so you can do what you really want to do. A lactation counselor or consultant will NOT let you starve your baby. If you need to supplement we can help you work on breastfeeding WHILE filling your baby's belly. MOST breastfeeding problems can be solved with knowledgeable help, time and patience. Sometimes you have to be very stubborn and have a large support system to help you reach your breastfeeding goals.

During a lactation support visit I provide:

  • help with baby's latch - this is the first step and in many cases is where the problem lies
  • help you be comfortable while breastfeeding
  • assess milk transfer (how much milk baby is getting while at the breast)
  • addressing questions and concerns you have about: nipple shields, supplementing, returning to work, using a pump, storing milk and feeding via bottle, weaning, solids, nipple or breast pain, etc.
  • name of more experienced lactation help if there's a problem that's beyond my expertise

$20 per consult
Mileage billed separately

Childbirth Education

The best way to have an Extraordinary Birth is to educate yourself. There's few out of hospital birth classes in Central Nebraska. Taking a class that's offered through your local hospital is hit & miss. Sometimes you get a good one, more often you get a class about "how to be a good patient and do everything we say".

What to look for in an education class: Unbiased info. One that teaches what true informed consent means (patient maintains the right to say yes or no to ANYTHING, and should be respected doing so; care providers should explain pros and cons of saying yes, and pros and cons of saying no - to every intervention and procedure, then leave space for the birthing woman and her family (if she choose to include them) a moment alone to choose.

I provide One on One, Personalized Education Sessions both in person, and through video chat.

Some things we may talk about:

  • Your questions and concerns regarding pregnancy, birth, postpartum, baby, toddler
  • Options for birth - for care providers, birth locations
  • How birth works - how the uterus, cervix, vagina, hormones all work for birth
  • Common hospital interventions and why they may or may not fit you, how to talk to your care provider about these options - this gives you a guide for how to talk to your care provider and find the one that's right for you
  • Why a doula is always a good idea
  • How your partner can help you in labor, should you choose to not hire a doula
  • Common newborn procedures and why they may or may not fit you, how to talk to your care provider about these options - this gives you a guide for how to talk to your care provider and find the one that's right for you
  • Preparing for baby, including, but not limited to: diapering, feeding, carseats, what to have ready, newborn care

Fees starting at $20 per hour
Mileage billed separately